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FileMaker Development Type Ahead

Do you find Type Ahead useful when you are in the browse mode?

Would you like to use Type Ahead for calculations, parameters, file names, etc?

You can. It is possible to add Type Ahead to your FileMaker development efforts. The attached video (9:14 minutes) shows how to do this running Mac OS X. Using the tools and techniques demonstrated in the video can make working with calculations, parameters and other FileMaker strings faster and easier.

To watch the "how to" video in your browser click here.

You can download the file mentioned in the video that gives you Type Ahead for FileMaker calculations here. DISCLAIMER: I did my best to add all the calculation signatures as of FileMaker 9.0v3, but I might have missed some. Use this at your own risk.

You can also download the video here (15.9 MB).


"Your implementation of type-ahead with Spell Catcher is the single best improvement that has ever been made to the calculation dialog! Thank you!!" - Mark Rubenstein, founder of Easy As Pi


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